There are a number of excellent conservative groups that perform rating and scorecards.

84th Texas State Legislature (2015)

Rice University Differential Results (last session to this one)


The Rice University study is the most complete, ranking nearly EVERY significant vote (Here is the State Senate version).  More data points, more accuracy. Here is a copy of their House graphic. And their Senate one.

The EmpowerTexans scorecard is absolutely the BEST on fiscal conservatism and government overreach. Over 90 votes involved in the decision.

The Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard, a good source for a more socially conservative ranking can be found here (in good downloadable formats).

83RD Texas State Legislature (2013)

NEW!  American Conservative Union Texas Legislature scorecard


Rice Univ. Conservative/Liberal Ranks – House (Article) – Senate (Article)

Eagle Forum (mostly Socially conservative) 2013 ScorecardsTexas HouseTexas Senate 

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: 2013 Scorecard – HOUSE SENATE 2014 Endorsements

Young Conservatives of Texas:  2013 Scorecard – HOUSE SENATE

Collin County Conservative Republicans:

NE Tarrant County Tea Party: draft scorecard

10 Responses to Ratings

  1. True Conservative says:

    Question: which of the listed U.S. Representatives and Senators listed above have enacted legislation which violates the 10th Amendment, erodes Texas state sovereignty and enables federal government overreach?

    Answer: all of them.

    So, why has this important issue conveniently been omitted from the rankings? I suspect because the Tea Party is willing to compromise its credibility in exchange for partisanship.

    Sounds like politics as usual to me.

  2. Art Rutherford says:

    Dear Sirs:

    We need this information (Tea Party Approval) before the early elections start. Not the day before the regular election.


    Art Rutherford

  3. Mike O says:

    Art, the emails first went out on Sunday, and the post was up then. Our vetting tieam gat a bit of a late start (too many elections!), but they got it done before Early voting ended.

  4. […] these ‘accommodaters’  in Austin (including our own State Senator, Florence Shapiro, whose fiscal rating can be found here) and in […]

  5. Robert Edward Johnson says:

    YOu should consider ratings instead by the bi-partisan Citizens Against Government Waste, The John Birch Society, and Liberty Lobby. All three are MUCH harsher on Republicans than the so-called American Conservative Union. Any ratings system where Hensarling and Sam Johnson are the top two is HIGHLY flawed. Both “gentlemen” were amongst the 3/4 of GOP Congress-critters who voted FOR Ryan’s pathetic budget “cut” which merely rolled back proposed 2011 INCREASES, and cut only 800 million, tops. 59 GOP Congress-critters had the decency to vote AGAINST Ryan’s bill, saying we needed MORE cuts. Sam Johnson voted for the Kennedy Bill jokingly called Leaving No Child Behind, and the Prescription Drug Parte D racket, both totalling $140 billion a year. When you add on the $120 billion per year for Iraq, that’s $260 billion. All Obama did was triple down with his $787 billion, add that to the $260 billion a year “conservatives” like Hensarling and Johnson gave us, so we now have a trillion a year of wasted money.

  6. Joe Pool Jr. says:

    [Republican] Devine, John (R)
    Grade: B+
    [Republican] Medina, David (R) [Incumbent]
    Grade: C
    [Republican] Pool, Joe (R)
    Grade: A

  7. Allan Redenbaugh says:

    Is there a rating on support for Convention of States for the purpose of considering Constitutional amendments? I can’t find any Texas involvement in COSProject. Texas needs to lead in this!

    • Mike O says:

      The Far North Dallas Tea Party had a forum on this topic and it was VERY clear that most rank & file Tea Party people think this is a VERY BAD idea and would likely turn into an uncontrollable assault on our current constitutional rights.

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