NTTP Legislative Committee:  Arizona Immigration Law SB1070
Arizona SB1070 – Actual Bill
Major Points to Consider
1. Federal Government lawfully has responsibility to prevent unauthorized foreigners from entering or living in the US. Some estimates suggest that up to 20 million illegal could be in the US at this time. Clearly, the Federal Government has not fulfilled its lawful responsibilities.
2. The State of Arizona has the legal authority to require identification papers from anyone that comes in LAWFUL contact with an agent of the State. There is a large body of law and precedence on Lawful Contact. All those decisions reinforce that ethnic profiling and ethnicity based suspicion is NOT a Lawful contact.
The specific phrase that is bantered around by those opposing the SB1070 is the “reasonable suspicion” language in Section B, Line 22. This phrase is specifically preceded by defining that the “contact” must be “Lawful”. The police must have a reason to interact with someone and that reason can never be their ethnicity.
For example, at 2am, any driver on the road is statistically far more likely to be legally drunk than at 2pm. A police officer has “reasonable suspicion” to think many of the drivers she sees at 2am could be drunk. However, she can’t pull anyone over until they do something to give her probable cause for lawful contact. Swerving in the lane, failing to use a blinker or a broken tail light give her probable cause for “lawful contact” and now she can apply “reasonable suspicion” to determine if the late night driver is drunk.
Public Opinion of SB1070
Recent polling by Rasmussen indicates that 60% of voters nationally favor the Arizona Law and 70% of voters in Arizona. On the recent May Day Marches in opposition of the bill, Rasmussen finds that 25% of voters have favorable opinion vs 50% unfavorable of the marchers. The Political Class and MSM are firmly against SB1070. It appears to have support from the Arizona Tea Party.
Liberty is incompatible with Racism. However, under the “lawful contact” stipulation, we feel that the rights of all Americans against unreasonable search or racial profiling are protected. Arizona SB1070 doesn’t create new immigration law but does require State and Local Law Officers to enforce existing Federal Law. The Federal Government is clearly not adhering to the Tea Party Principals of the Rule of Law, Fiscal Responsibility or National Sovereignty. We are not convinced Arizona’s SB1070 is the best approach but we find it to be consistent with the Five Principals of the Tea Party and US Constitution.
Call to Action
Talk to your neighbor to help them understand what the law really says. Encourage them to read it for themselves. Counter boycott any city that passes a resolution boycotting Arizona. Call your City Council & State Representative to tell you support Arizona’s law and would like to have something similar in Texas.

One Response to Immigration

  1. Jack Mimms says:

    Thank you for the information contained in this report. Please keep us posted on future details and ways we can support the AZ bill and counter-act all the negative press and daily nonsense coming from all directions.

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