Great Wins

Our candidates in the primary run-off elections did great. A really bad incumbent was overwhelmingly defeated, while fresh faces won handily.
Voters want commonsense conservatives who will lead Texas in the right direction with the right ideas.
Great Night For Conservatives
In fact, six of the seven candidates we endorsed won last night! Here’s a quick wrap-up of our winning endorsements:

-> House District 14: State Rep. Fred Brown (who earned our “Taxpayer Advocate” award) easily won re-election.
-> House District 52: Republican Larry Gonzales won a strong run-off victory, and now faces incumbent Dianna Maldonado in November.
-> House District 66: Van Taylor won big over Mabrie Jackson… but it may not be over here. Because incumbent Brian McCall resigned his seat, there will be a special election on May 8.
-> House District 83: Charles Perry easily defeated incumbent Delwin Jones, perennially one of the worst Republicans in the Legislature.
-> House District 84: In this open seat, John Frullo won a strong victory over Mark Griffin.
-> House District 149: Conservative Jack O’Connor won his run-off, ready to face Democrat incumbent Hubert Vo in November.

Bad Numbers For Obama… Good For Us!
As conservatives are picking up steam in Texas, public opinion is hardening against ObamaCare nationwide. A new Rassmussen Poll shows 58 percent of Americans want the legislation repealed.

As more details come to light about the sweeping takeover of America’s health care system, the burdensome costs and unconstitutional mandates, the more Americans want nothing to do with it.

The bad news from the Rassmussen Poll is the defeatism expressed by so many Americans. Even with 58% wanting ObamaCare repealed, about 51% think it’s unlikely to happen.

There is a lot we can do to make it happen if we remember public policy victory is much more often a marathon than a sprint. If ObamaCare isn’t stricken from the books, it will be because 60 percent of us gave up and didn’t do our job!

Can’t Slow Down Now!
We have great reason for optimism. The left in both parties are on the run, as we see strong surge of right-thinking voters and candidates reclaim the mantle of political leadership. We have to work hard, give generously, and keep a smile on our faces as a march to victory!

For Texas,
Michael Quinn Sullivan
& the Team

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