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12 Responses to General Election Info

  1. Cindy and Tom Williams says:

    Here’s the link to Harry Pierce U.S, House TX – 3:

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you for your help and your time that you spent in tracking our candidates.

  3. Brooks says:

    Please tell me where I can find all the phone numbers of our state and federal legislators so I can program them into my phone. Thanks!

  4. Brooks Martin says:

    Thanks for that snarky reply Mike. First of all you KNOW that I live in your district… Our sons went to school together (how many Brooks Martin’s do you know?). Secondly, note that my question stated “Where can I go to find my legislators…” I wasn’t asking you to give each of them to me. I can look them up on a website myself. Surely you know of such a website.

    • Mike O says:

      My apologies Brooks; your message did NOT display your full name first. And i’m a bit crusty right now dealing with Cornyn planting knives in Cruz’s back.
      Cornyn – 972-239-1310
      Cruz – 214-361-3500
      Ken Paxton – (972) 529-1600
      Van Taylor – (972) 398-9416

  5. Brooks Martin says:

    Thanks Mike! And I’m feeling a bit frustrated with it all myself. I’m getting the word out about Cornyn though. Full court press now!

  6. Paul Saia says:

    ALOHA IF you MORONS remember your history as Americans we though the TEA INTO THE OCEAN .as an Italian American I want to make and give all your MORON members a pair of Italian overshoes SAY what are Italian overshoes very simple make some cement place your feet into the cement let dry though you INTO THE OCEAN OR LAKE

    Paul Saia

    • Mike O says:

      Well, with the eloquent content of that masterpiece, I think your own words stand as testament to the intellectual capacity of our opposition- and their grasp of the real issues at hand. Still, it IS a marginally free country and you are welcome to visit the North Texas area, though it’s a long trip from Hawaii. Of course, IF this is you and you are indeed the sex offender in the picture, you’ll need to register. But actually you are most certainly the Paul Saia who moved to Hilo, Hawaii in 2011- about the time of the last registration of the sex offender in Boston- and has an interest in sailing (Google is a wonderful thing). While there ARE 3-4 Paul Saias in the Boston area, we’ll be sure to pass on your missive to the Hilo PD just in case- along with the link to the unregistered sex offender from Florida.
      BTW: understand that we as a group are strong believers in- and practitioners of- the Second Amendment; indeed a strong majority of our leadership team have Concealed Handgun Licenses. And Texas has something called the ‘castle law’ that also factors into any physical disagreement down here. Some of our political friends helped write that law. We DON’T believe in aggression but we DO believe in self-defense here.

    • Robert James says:

      Learn to spell if you want to post with the big boys and girls. Also, Saia, this isn’t Italy, it’s Texas and I’m a 5th Generation Native Texan. You think you scare us? Better check your rotini again son.

  7. Retired Army Lt. Colonel, Ken Cope is challenging John Cornyn for the Senate in 2014. Cope is a Tea Party supporter and looking to speak with your group. Check Ken out at You can also follow him @CopeTexas on Twitter. To have hims speak to your group call me at 903.865.1078.

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