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This recession and ever expanding tax and spend mandates from Washington DC has awakened the Sleeping Giant. The American People. The members of the Tea Party are committed to five principles.

  1. Limited Government
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
  3. Personal Responsibility
  4. Rule of Law
  5. National (and State) Sovereignty

America is one of a kind. There is no place like this great nation on Earth. We are a nation of immigrants from every land which is part of our strength. If you believe that America should be by the people, for the people and of the people. If you believe in statements like “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,…”. If you believe that government close to the people governs best. If so, we implore you to stand up and join our peaceful re-revolution.

The mission of the North Texas Tea Party is to begin the change in all levels of government to return to The Five Principles. We will do this through local organization and action. We will actively and specifically support candidates and issues we feel will advance those principles.  Reaching out to our neighbors and friends to put honest information into the hands of the voters. We will uncover what the candidates really believe and we WILL hold them accountable.

UPDATE:  As of  1/22/2014, NTTP’s organization is as follows:

– Leadership Team Members: Michael Openshaw, Suzanne Boyd-Chapman, Jim Bright, Gerald Meazell, Robert John Smith
– Tasks: Determine Goals, Strategy, High-level Tactics, Set Priorities, Oversee Operations

Vetting Team (VT)

– Chair: Jim Bright
– Members: As needed per vetting cycle
– Tasks: Empowered to determine vetting needs, process and communication

Legislative Advisory Team (LAT)
– Chair: Robert John Smith
– Members: TBD
– Tasks: Advise the LAT and LC of upcoming Federal & State legislation and recommended actions.


– Primary: Mike Openshaw
– Secondary: Robert John Smith
– Tasks: manage email, Facebook and Website sources of communication

Volunteer coordination: Gerald Meazell

– Primary: Gerald Meazell
– Secondary: Suzanne Boyd-Chapman
– Tasks: organize volunteers for voter guide distribution

A bit of background on the leadership team:

  • Michael Openshaw: handles most communication (sometimes too much 🙂 ) and is the webmaster.  Has a very long history of conservative political grassroots work, dating back to the early 60s.
  • Jim Bright: a professional recruiter and extremely adept at reading people; extremely skilled in areas useful in  vetting candidates.
  • Robert John Smith: A systems administrator and technical policy wonk, knowledgeable in the legislative process and Northeast Dallas County.
  • Suzanne Boyd-Chapman: extremely knowledgeable in other conservative clubs and inner workings of local political society.
  • Gerald Meazell: an IT expert, with an affinity for vetting candidates and  organizing polling station volunteers.
  • Doug Reeves- A local political expert, having worked extensively with both the GOP and local social conservative groups.

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6 Responses to About Us

  1. Clint Cook says:

    Mark Reid – Are you aware of the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville Feb 4-6? Is someone from your group going?


    Clint Cook

  2. Mike O says:

    We know of it; not sure how many are going but we’ll try to have some representation there. The difficulty is not only that it’s fairly pricey, but that it’s right in the middle of the primary battle. And we have a LOT of primary battles on our hands.

  3. Stacie York says:

    Since the stimulous package was passed, I decided to pay “out of pocket” for my son’s college and save his college fund for “his” retirement. It is the least I can do since we are spending his retirement now.

    Unfortunatly, the “out of pocket” college expenses are coming out of my retirement.

    This is the reality we have found ourselves in.

  4. Windol Robbins says:

    I heard there was to be a tea party event in Denton/ Gainsville texas area. If this is true when are these to take place? Thanks for a reply

  5. Mike O says:

    There should be events all over the country in thousands of locations on April 15th, most starting at 7pm

  6. I am with you 100%. I started this blog to defeat Obama and for the Tea Party cause. I am a Dallas Conservative.

    Visit me @ http://www.theconservativespeaker.com