NTTP Going Inactive

Folks, this is to announce that the North Texas Tea Party is- unfortunately- going into essentially an inactive state and will not be an active participant in this election cycle. The primary reason for this is that too many of the principles that have pulled off the many hundreds of hours each cycle required to put together our own voter guides- simply have too many commitments- most related to feeding our families- to spare the hours required. We have ALWAYS had too few people doing too much of the work; the critical mass is now simply gone.
All of this takes a LOT of work- at NO compensation and- outside the month or so before balloting- nearly zero appreciation by beneficiaries. It has worn us out.
You WILL see some of the individuals, of course, working various campaigns, but that will be as individuals. We’ve had a good run and made some significant differences in various state-related races. Other younger, newer hands will have to pick up the slack.

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