Summer’s Over; time to Roll!

Well, the North Texas Tea Party leadership tool much of the summer as a break after several of us were pretty active in the legislative session.  But it’s time to get rolling again. While a couple vetting sessions with candidates have been held, we’ll be picking up the pace with our vetting committee, trying to grill as many state-level candidates as possible.

But first up was a polling of our email list on the Presidential GOP Primary and its VERY crowded field.  The results of the 141 respondents are here.  (UPDATE: a second poll, mid-way between the second and third debate is Here, with 109 respondents.

As expected from our location and experience with him, Ted Cruz did very well, with Trump in 2nd.  We will run more of these as the cycle and debates commence- and the field thins.  We will be posting on many of the races local to the northern DFW metroplex as well, and sending INFREQUENT emails out about key action items of interesting events. (We do NOT have the bandwidth to track ALL conservative events in the region; we wish we did.  We WILL provide useful links to those who track such things.)  Sign up for our emails here if you have not already.

Time for ALL of us to get active; this country is in trouble and needs our ACTIONS, not just words.

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