Jodie Laubenberg’s Uncomfortable Return

Well, the legislative session ended and Jodie Laubenberg has completed her self-imposed exile from conservative political meetings.  An exile that started about the time she came out ACTIVELY supporting the current Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.  So tonight, she finally returned and spoke at the Collin County Conservative Republicans- and was CLEARLY very uncomfortable. Compare Van Taylor’s ending performance and the crowd reaction with Jodie’s uncertainty and the response. (She left quickly and did NOT mingle.)

All her terms in office and she’s down to looking and sounding like a rookie.  Indeed, her achievements were very rookie-like. Even less so than principled conservative rookie superstar Matt Rinaldi  Her committee chairmanship was minor- and made even more inconsequential by Speaker Straus assigning any controversial stuff that normally would go to her Elections committee elsewhere. She passed few consequential bills and was not active in most of the tougher fights.  Her best effort- an amendment to control the cost of the Pre-K bill- was squashed by leadership and the Democrats.  Many of us could have told her that the Democrats that Straus depends on as a key part of his base would NOT let her gain anything significant. She became the Devil Incarnate to them from her authorship of abortion bill last session and Straus has to listen to them.

So bottom line, Jodie; was it worth it?  Was the sacrifice of being uncomfortable with all the people you were comfortable with for so many years worth what was gained?  Was it worth changing your voting habits to fall from 10th in 2013 to 30th in 2015 on the Rice University studies? If not, simply admit it and return to your instincts for principled stands.  Nearly all of your constituents are good Christians and understand forgiveness and redemption.  That Austin Professional Political Class will never really be your friends; but your constituents and activists could be again.  Your choice.

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