84th Legislature Scorecards

Scorecard season is here! Here is our writeup of the session..  Time to see how our Texas State Senators and representatives actually VOTED in Austin against various standards.  We will list the good and the bad ones here as they become available:


The Rice University study is the most complete, ranking nearly EVERY significant vote (Here is the State Senate version).  More data points, more accuracy. Here is a copy of their House graphic. And their Senate one.

The EmpowerTexans scorecard is absolutely the BEST on fiscal conservatism and government overreach. Over 90 votes involved in the decision. Go by this one over all others!

The Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard, a good source for a more socially conservative ranking can be found here (in good downloadable formats).


Here is an INCREDIBLY BAD scorecard from the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce. Pro-business’??  Closer to pro-crony capitalism.  Those bills that they list as their priorities that have no checkmarks?  Include things like Medicaid expansion for Obamacare that was so toxic, they never got brought up.  They considered only 10 items out of thousands: 2 got NO votes, 3 only got them in one of two houses.  And on the rest, the Democrats did as well as the GOP members, often better.  This is ‘pro-business’???

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