Straus Goes Dictatorial

Joe Straus has taken to stopping amendments from even being presented on the floor of the House when they are inconvenient. While Jonathan Stickland’s Constitutional Carry amendment to Open Carry for CHL COULD have been properly argued to be ‘not germane’, it should have been done so by House rules AFTER it was presented. However, the two amendments to the transportation funding bill that would have prevented the related money’s usage on specific tolling projects were PERFECTLY germane, just not what the leadership wanted.

This was ALSO clear on a number of items that leadership wants that were improperly placed on the Local & Consent calendar (where things are not SUPPOSED to be significant or controversial) including banning powdered alcohol and  an attempt to slip through giving arrest powers to Federal Reserve security guards.  Rent-a-cop types being given arrest authority is NOT something that needs talking about in committee?? Kudos to Jonathan Stickland, who has been fearless in holding leadership accountable. While Jonathan can sometimes be OVERLY irritating, he has also exposed the complete classlessness that House leadership can sink to, including the stick-figure snark of Pickett on the Federal Reserve bill and an infamous cookie-dragging incident associated with Chalie Geren.

Bottom line is that leadership has gotten especially blatant with their dictatorial tendencies this session; rules are apparently for little people.  And those that supported this leadership style have some explaining to do.

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