Future Trial of the 84th TX Legislative Session

First off, we’d like to extend our deepest appreciation to the 19 courageous reps who voted for their conservative values over the power brokers of Austin in the Texas House Speaker race: Rodney Anderson, Dustin Burrows, Pat Fallon, Bryan Hughes, Mark Keough, Stephanie Klick, Matt Krause, Jeff Leach, Matt Rinaldi, Scott Sanford, Matt Schaefer, Matt Shaheen, David Simpson, Stuart Spitzer, Jonathan Stickland, Tony Tinderholt, Scott Turner, Molly White, Bill Zedler.

Next, we are announcing, considering the Speaker vote and our specific commitment in that regard, the North Texas Tea Party will be scheduling a Citizen’s trial of the the 84th Legislative Session as to whether it fulfilled the commitment of MANY that it would be an a conservative reflection of the constituents expressed mandate given November 4th, 2014.  This is the current proposal:

TIMEFRAME: 30-60 days after the end of ALL sessions

DEFENSE TEAM: volunteer State Reps- previously TeaApproved- who supported the Speaker

PROSECUTORS: Selected members of specific conservative watchdog groups

JUDGE: A local conservative elected official- NOT part of the legislature (nor a candidate for it)

JURY: The NTTP Vetting Committee

The ‘trial’ will be recorded for posting in its entirety, plus relevant sections in isolation.

The prosecution and defense will have 20 minute introductions, followed by 45-90 minutes Q&A, and 5 minute closing statements from both sides. . ‘Witnesses’ may or may not be called.

Jury decision will be final: a finding of guilt will leave the ‘death penalty’ in place and no supporter of the Speaker will be eligible for NTTP TeaApproval and resources.  Exoneration will lift the ‘death penalty’ and all requesting state reps will be considered through the normal process.

For those who do not understand what the North Texas Tea Party is: we are a specialized candidate vetting and legislative advocacy group.  We do NOT recruit candidates- we merely vett them (Recruiting would remove objectivity). Our well-known abilities at this resulted in nearly all statewide candidates this last cycle sought to be vetted, and a couple of major donors, realizing the power and value of our multigroup voting guides, sent donations unsolicited by us to pay for mass distributions of those guides. Our voting guides were voluntarily downloaded over 23,000 times and we sent out 130,000 mailers last cycle; this made the difference in multiple close races.  We provide a service to voters who trust our work, ethics and political philosophy.

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