Patrick Fallon Announces Support for Scott Turner

pat_fallon_100 Well, Patrick Fallon demonstrated the political courage we have all come to expect from him. He listened to his constituents and, at the end of his town hall tonight, announced his support for Scott Turner for Texas Speaker in support of his constituents wishes. Do NOT underestimate the courage required to do this, swimming against the current of powerful interests, as it were. Kudos Pat; proud of you!

At least he won’t have to go into hiding from his constituents, like Jodie Laubenberg has had to. She’s COMPLETELY disappeared from all political meetings we’ve seen since it was obvious she was going to vote with the power brokers of Austin and NOT as her constituents would want her to. Guess she drained her courage on the HB2 bill (which used a LOT) and has none left in the tank. Truly sad. We never thought we would ever need to generate the image below, but it has all become too obvious.  And such images haven’t bode well for one’s life in politics; just ask David Dewhurst.


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