NTTP Awarded for Conservative Dedication

At the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Gala on December 7th, the North Texas Tea Party- via one of its leaders- was honored for their dedication to the conservative cause, Van Taylor having nominated us. While the award was given to Michael Openshaw (an inscribed sword to remind us ALL of Travis’s line in the sand, as well as a thank you note from Ted Cruz), it was actually earned by the entire leadership team. The photo below shows on the left (ONLY in the picture), Michael Quinn Sullivan of TFR, Jim Bright (Vetting Committee Chair), Michael Openshaw (Communications CHair), And Gerald Meazell (Vetting Committee member). The work continues- especially in early january timeframe witnh the startup of the legislative session.

TFR is the finest taxpayer advocates in Texas and we are humbled and deeply honored by this recognition.

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