A vote for Straus Will Preclude NTTP TeaApproval

Let’s make this simple for the members of the Texas House:

Any State Representative who votes for Joe Straus against Scott Turner will be precluded for gaining NTTP TeaApproval.  Anyone who votes NOT to have an open recorded vote on this issue will also be precluded.

Various people claim we do not ‘understand how Austin works’: the problem is, we DO understand how Austin ‘works’- some of us have understood that since the early 80s.  And the way Austin works NEEDS TO CHANGE!

We do not work to elect people simply to vote the most conservative they can in the highly constrained environment Joe Straus maintains which precludes the truly tough votes. We work to elect WARRIORS to batter the ‘country club’ doors down and force votes- win or lose- on the really tough issues of the day. We are told good conservatives cannot get committee chairs if the current ‘Powers That Be’ are contested.  Well, they weren’t contested in the last session- so kindly point out the powerful committee chairs that WERE assigned to ‘good conservatives’- NOT ONE!

Scott Turner is a unique individual, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.  As the ‘principled conservative’ core continues to grow each term at a faster rate than the ‘getalongs’ can corrupt them, we will soon reach a tipping point wherein the majority of the GOP caucus will put up someone like Jonathan Stickland for House, and the ‘getalong’s will face vindictive retribution for years of poor treatment.  Scott Turner represents a unique opportunity to make the changeover WITHOUT that sort of vindictiveness. It simply isn’t in Scott’s character.

We WILL throw in one caveat, though.  If Joe Straus IS elected and the House TRULY DOES have a conservative session- as CONSERVATIVE GROUPS define it, NOT Austin- then those who voted for Straus will win a reprieve.  Our definition of a conservative outcome is that at least five of the following seven items BECOME LAW, with the first one an absolute requirement (none of the games of passing the house, but running out the clock on synchronizing with the Senate will count):

  1.  The budget does NOT get busted- by HONEST math, not by DC-style calculation.
  2. Open carry (for at least CHL holders):
  3. Campus carry- the same way
  4. Medicaid expansion blocked again
  5. The Enterprise Fund gets stripped to a small fraction of what it is or dissolved outright.
  6. E-Verify for State Contracts
  7. Ending in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
Note these are REASONABLE pieces of legislation, many are just ‘foot-in the door’ approaches like the E-Verify proposal.  However, all the representatives who claim that Joe Straus has ‘promised’ a more conservative session know full well that getting even three of these passed is highly unlikely under Joe with his indebtedness to the Democrats. This IS about policy, not personalities, so we would leave this one highly improbable ‘escape hatch’ available to prove that point.
 Some of the switch-over crowd will claim we are being ‘unreasonable’; being ‘reasonable’ does not lead to the change we ALL know we need.  Being ‘reasonable’ leads to the CONSTITUENTS’ DESIRE being once again outvoted by the Professional Political Class in Austin.  It has to stop and now is the time to do it.

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