NTTP General Election Recommendation

For the voters in our DFW Service area, the recommendation is very simple and does NOT come without thought:


It boils down to this:  there are essentially NO good candidates on the Democrat ticket statewide or in our 4-county area that we could recommend.  And, while the Libertarians HAVE fielded a few fairly decent candidates, they are only positioned to be spoilers in any close races.  Especially at the county level and particularly in Dallas County, there is a DIRE need to devastate the Democrat ‘farm club’ of officeholders here. from the massively corrupt District Attorney to the phenomenally dangerous showboating Dallas County Judge, these folks need to be retired.


Sometimes the simplest choices are the best ones; we feel this year is a case for that.  However, if the state and national GOP continue to trade away conservative principle for convenience and power-broker satisfaction, there is NO assurance that will be the case in 2016- and likely will NOT be.

Some may disagree with us on this, and give some specific example of a race where a Libertarian or Democrat is superior.  In that case we would point out something many voters don’t realize:  one can vote a straight party ticket, then go down the ballot and reverse that for a given office by casting an INDIVIDUAL vote in that office . (For example, select Straight Republican, then go down to Office X, and select Libertarian Candidate Z).  But at bare minimum do one thing:


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