Controversial Rally in Highland Park


There was some concern and reluctance on the part of a number of our members to participate in the Overpasses For America rally.  Rallying in a residential area could be taken as  intimidating or unpleasant.  Well, it worked out so ‘unpleasant’ with the 30 or so total that showed up, a neighbor’s kids threw together a lemonade and cookie stand and did a raging business with us (it was HOT).  Highland Park police turned out in full force (3 at the Jenkin’s residence; 3 more on patrol for our ‘strolling’ portion). One wishes any given mile of our BORDER had that level of coverage. But the police were very pleasant and pleased with how we acted.     BTW: the Jenkins were out on vacation- and we knew this well ahead of time; his residence was a symbol.  The poster below said it best:


More great pictures here.  A lot of our concerns are found on this Facebook page.


The one thing about controversy: it DOES bring out the media. As much media came for this one event than we saw with all of the recent corner and overpass rallies COMBINED.  The Dallas Morning News  had probably the best piece here  The comments on this article is some of the type of discussion we were hoping for.  Channel 5, 8 and 11 did small pieces on it; 8 and 11 heavily edited and slanted as expected (the editors doing more damage than the reporters).  None of them mentioned a VERY important point we made over and over to them: over 85% of the unaccompanied ‘minors’ are OLDER (13-17) males.  Some have been found to be gang members; think they’ve all (or even most) have been uncovered?

This was a one-off type effort, to drive home a specific point.  Jenkins has SO badly thought this out that he was surprised schools and a warehouse can’t be magically turned into residents in a single month.  The feds haven’t even finished ASSESSING the sites, but they would take MASSIVE reconstruction.

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  1. Cindy Nation says:

    Here is an idea I’d like everyone to help with-A few years back, when immigration was boiling over, thousands mailed bricks to their Reps and Senators to “help build the fence.” Now, in light of Steve Scalise blaming Jeff Sessions for “gumming up” the current legislation, I am calling for every conservative to send an unopened pack of your favorite chewing gum to the local offices of both of your senators and your house rep with the note, “Here is more gum for Senator Sessions to use to keep gumming things up on the immigration bill until you get behind proper border security and a ban on Obama’s executive actions for amnesty.” There are 5 weeks for us while they are on recess to overwhelm their offices with gum and some will hold public meetings. I strongly encourage you to attend one if you can and take gum with this note to those meetings and drop them all over the podium from where they will speak to get the message across. You might even buy a large enough pack to pass out to others attending with the same note. LET’S BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR OVER SUMMER BREAK! NO MORE AMNESTY AND NO MORE DREAMERS AND NO MORE EXECUTIVE ACTIONS!