The Impact of the Illegal Migrant Children

They fall in several categories, none of which means anything good.  But be ready for it, because the Dallas County Judge openly invited the 2,000 the feds are planning for the city of Dallas alone   Think Obama is going to actually send them back, as he says?  Think again!

2 Responses to The Impact of the Illegal Migrant Children

  1. venitta bennett says:

    let me know when we march and make TV like these illegals do who should have no voice or power….no more feeling sorry for them….they get away with things americans would be in trouble for….I have seen to much …I am a nurse…. and have been on the boarder – el paso lorado Houston then Austin plano dallas fort worth and in homes of illegals getting health care and more……we have to many other issues that these illegals are taking our money and time for and playing us just like the amnestied then dream acted then policy changers and making jobs just for them ie bilingual only nurses apply…..and much more…

  2. venitta bennett says:

    I have too many friends that went home to their countries to help their own countries when I was at the university……and when the kids ( my once nigrian accountant) said to him no one follows the laws any more …..this is devasting our American way of life and families when we dont’ follow the laws and enforce them…and more…we have no money for all this…we have our own problems..