Some Political Fun and Education – Debate Bingo!

After a recent online dueling match with the Fort Worth media, we reflected on something. How many logical fallacies did our opponent commit.  (A GREAT site for the description of Logical Fallacies is here).  Then we though it could be great fun to list the types of logical fallacies in a Bingo card, to be used during television debates.  It also would actually serve as a mechanism of stretching the mind in understanding the flawed arguments seen in debate.

So, here is a ‘starter’ template with a 4 copies of various cards.  It would be up to you to copy them and rearrange the squares for enough variety for more cards .

So have fun learning during tedious debates about logical fallacies (and debating which ones are appropriate where with your friends).  In doing so, with some practice, you should be able to peel away at the fluff and get just to the content of what candidates say (Probably not much after it’s all peeled away.)

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  1. venitta bennett says:

    where is the march tomarrow in fort worth july 19 2014 on this illegal immigration….”protect texas march”?