NTTP Runoff Survey

Responses from 111 members of the North Texas Tea Party to our email survey. Pretty solid unity for many races:  NTTP Runoff 2014 Survey

Again, folks: beware of the upcoming Sleaze Tsunami that will be starting in the next couple of days.  Even worse than the last couple of weeks of Sleaze Storm: Murphy’s, Eppstein’s and various independent mud merchants will be earning their questionable keep!

One Response to NTTP Runoff Survey

  1. David says:

    The republicans, pretend republicans, and tea party politicians, all need to pull their heads out and stop pummling people withthis massive pile of junkmail/ads in people’s mailbox everyday. Try to grasp how wanting someones vote and pissing them off tremendoulsy do not work together very well, and how that behavior is unacceptable. If you actually are an American, have American values, as opposed to the 90% whom are un-American corrupt snakes and witches, naturally the voters will find out because of the rarity of it, sadly, so no slick ads needed. ( they tell us abdolutely nothing about a canditate except that they’re the type of people that would send you junkmail. Please do not harvest my email address from this comment box, i won’t be amused.