FINAL 2014 TeaApproval- Philip Eby, TX House, District 58

For the runoff, our vetting committee was able to extend our process to a few more races, and the final result of that was a review of Texas House District 58, comprised of Johnson and Bosque counties.  For that race, we enthusiastically TeaApprove Philip Eby, a young man of uncommon common sense coming from the practical experience of running a small construction company.  Philip has a strong sense of what state government is- and what it should be.  And the courage to plan to stand up to an incumbent  (Roy Orr, who decided to retire) that was not serving his conservative constituents well.  Philip has a strong grasp of both conservative principles and the issues of the district and the state.  The folks of Johnson and Bosque counties should be proud to send such a principled, knowledgeable representative to Austin to look out for the interests of the taxpayers!

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One Response to FINAL 2014 TeaApproval- Philip Eby, TX House, District 58

  1. I can find no information on your stand on the Keystone Pipeline and I do not want to be brainwashed about where you stand:
    Either you are for it or against it. Peter Gorman (Ft Worth Business Week) had a very unbiased, sane account of it and I will not vote for any candidate who wants to ram it through at the expense of the landowners and Indians with whom we have a treaty and are against it, to say nothing of the effect on the Ogallala. And all for the sake of shipping it overseas???