Weather Prediction: Sleaze Tsunami on May 15th

Well, the mud storm coming from the merchants of such (primarily, the consulting firms of Murphy and Eppstein) has been awfully thick. The composition has been pretty repugnant as usual and is being direct at every principled conservative on the ballot.  Financial issues resolved a generation ago, various quarter-truth stories, and stories made out of whole cloth fill the airways and mailers- with VERY little discussion of real issues and voting records (the one exception is to try to paint the conservatives as wanting to raise taxes- laughable, given true taxpayer watchdogs all give the targets of these accusations top marks.)

But the voters haven’t seen anything yet.  The Standard Operating Procedure of these sleaze dealers is to unleash a last minute barrage of mud, having saved the most salacious (and most easily disprovable) muck until the last minute. Various media elements (the Texas Tribune and papers like the Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning News) will sometimes help this effort.  To have the most impact- with the least chance of a response of the actual truth- the target date for mailboxes and ‘news’ stories will be on or around Thursday, May 15th.

The simplest question about next week’s barrage is this.  Is anything discussed then only discoverable in the last 10 days? Are the issues involved truly relevant how the accused will serve in office now?  As such, can you REALLY bring yourself to vote for people who employ such unethical antics?  Our hope is to defeat ALL candidate who deploy such so resoundingly, it is made clear that these tactics are a guaranteed losing proposition- and employing the experts in this sleaze is the fastest way to political retirement.

Is that to say there is no place for negative campaign ads?  Of course not; as long as they are based on issues relevant to the office, are fairly current and do not leave out hugely relevant explanations (for example, accusing someone of wanting to double taxes, when the concept was a tax swap.  Or reporting specific claims without including that the claims were found to be without merit by a court of law.)  Officeholders poor performance IS a topic for campaigning; associations with political forces most voters do NOT support IS something to be discussed; full-contexted statements made while campaigning are relevant information.  It is the ancient, personal quarter-truths that will fill our mailboxes and airwaves next week that should only be noted as a black mark on who is the accuser (or supported by the accuser).

So when you go to vote (Hopefully,early- May 19th-23rd, 7am-7pm; if not May 27th, same times) help us add to the unemployment and put these sleaze merchants out of work  and retire those that hire them!  Rest assured; NONE of the sleaze merchant candidates were recommended on our multi-group voting guides.

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