Collin County and the BLM

This last Monday afternoon, the Collin County Commissioner’s court me to consider ‘Mutual Agreement of Understanding between themselves and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM in regards to about 38,000 acres that the Corps of Engineers controls associated with Lake Lavon (including the lake itself).  The BLM is coming up with a general plan for the Texas Oklahoma area over the next 2 years.   The choices were to either sign such an agreement to be able to sit in on planning and supply input (but have no vote), or refuse to sign and only be informed of their plans AFTER they are created.


Well, the Collin County Commissioner’s Court voted 4-1 to sign on to an AMENDED Agreement dealing with the BLM. The prevailing judgement was to go with an agreement to at least have input (but no authority) in the planning impacting Lake Lavon and other stuff in North Texas. Essentially the idea was it’s best to see the Devil coming to fend him off. The lone dissenting vote was Mark Reid, with the thought you just don’t even enter the same space as the Devil if you can avoid it. I highly respect BOTH viewpoints, because not ONE commissioner, nor any one of the 40 citizens there trust the BLM one inch; it was an issue with how to deal with them.
Special kudos to Cheryl Williams for coming up with an AMENDED agreement to send back, changing it from a ‘cooperating agency ‘ to ‘participating agency’ agreement. This change, primarily symbolic, will serve as something of a test for BLM; if they send it back as unacceptable, then it is clear they look at it as a one-way arrangement and the Commission can refuse to sign the original form.
Thanks to the rest of the Commission as well- Duncan Webb, Chris Hill, and Keith Self for actually listening intently to the excellent research and concerns of Carroll Maxwell, Barbara Pope Harless, Ann Lieber, and Derek Vaughn Baker, as well as others, along with the moral support of presence from many others, including Christy Mowrey. Judge Self did us all a kindness by moving it to be the first item of the meeting and allowed several of us to get back to work.
Many of us figure the BLM will NOT accept the amended form and that will tell EVERYONE what a one-way view they have.

For those interesting in tracking BLM antics in Texas, this Facebook page has been created:

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