Texas House, District 10 TeaApproval – TJ Fabby

District 10 – Ellis County and the western part of Henderson County- has long been represented by retiring Jim Pitts, who was the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and passed the massive spending increase this last session- WITHOUT taking care of the basics of water and transportation.  This open seat race had four candidates in the primary and TJ Fabby- who had challenged Jim Pitts in the previous cycle- and John Wray, a Waxahachie city council member (who passed on the opportunity to be vetted), made it to the runoff.

TJ Fabby is a knowledgeable, down-to-earth young man, both well-grounded in rural common sense and work ethic, as well as well-educated in liberty issues and fiscal conservatism from his years as a local Tea Party leader.  From his request to say grace over breakfast to his final answer to some who think him a bit young at 32 (Pointing out Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence  at 33, Travis died at the Alamo at 26- and Christ was crucified at 32), we found TJ an exceptional choice to represent the REAL interests of House District 10 taxpayers.  We heartily TeaApprove TJ Fabby.

tj_fabby    NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

John Wray

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