Runoff TeaApproval Addition – Konni Burton, Texas Senate District 10

With the runoffs upcoming and some extra time, the North Texas Tea Party Vetting committee decided to extend out farther with some additional candidate vettings.  The first added race is for the runoff to fill Wendy Davis’ old State Senate seat SD10 (NE Tarrant County).  The committee met with both candidates in the Hurst area and reviewed their records.

In this race, the decision was to TeaApprove Konni Burton.  Konni is a fellow Tea Partier (a founding member of the great NE Tarrant Tea Party group), is dedicated to fiscal responsibility, and has a knack for what is best termed ‘instinctive conservatism’. She will bring citizen common sense to the State Senate and will not let the ‘country club’ atmosphere keep her from being an effective advocate for her conservative constituents.  Her character and drive is such that she is one of very few people our fabulous Senator Ted Cruz formally endorsed.  She would represent a TOTAL change in how Senate District 10 is represented after years of Wendy Davis.

konni_burton_100    NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

We also met with Dr. Mark Shelton, her opponent.  A fine man, extremely knowledgeable in the medical area; an expertise we hope he makes available to guide state policy, no matter which way the election turns out. But we felt he is more interested in making government work ‘better’ in many areas such as health care, and less interested in making it do less, returning more control to the people.  He also seemed to admit to being able to be influenced, on occasion, to change his position based on the input of the ‘professional political class’ that buzzes around the legislature. His previous voting record as state representative was not terrible, but put him more in the “go along to get along” category. It is pretty clear to us that Dr. Shelton would fit in and add to the ‘country club’ approach that has left the Texas Senate a place for conservative initiatives to go off and die.  Mark would simply not be the kind of warrior we need to aggressive pursue conservative governance.

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