The Last-Minute Money of the Primary

(Full disclosure: our group was shocked to receive a large donation- long after vetting was done and unsolicited by us- from a well-known conservative mega-donor in that timeframe for a mailing effort.  As a matter of policy, we will not the list individual private citizen’s names who donate to ANYONE , but they are in easily searchable public record.  And we are PROUD to receive funds from someone whose list of benefactors is so illustrious. Every penny went STRAIGHT to a major mailing effort.)

Any number of large funding sources postpone sending money to candidates until they ONLY show up on the 8 Days before the election (or after to do two things.  The first and least important- to not let opponents know how much they’ll have to work with.  The more important reason: to mask their association with the candidate.

The latter condition- of not showing the group until the last minute might be Applicable in the Texas House District 102 runoff between Linda Koop and Stefani Carter.  Linda Koop received a last-minute cash infusion from Texas Parent PAC, whose benefactor list is a Who’s Who of the most liberal GOP member in the House (JD Sheffield, Diane Patrick, Bennett Ratliff) or challengers to the most conservative (like Andy Cargile- Jonathan Stickland’s opponent and Skip Ogle – Matt Shaefer’s opponent).  This PAC is HEAVILY financed by Charles Butt and a few liberal attorneys.   No, Linda does NOT want it known among GOP circles significant donations are coming from such. (BTW:, the Tx Parent PAC had a horrible Primary, losing the vast majority of their races.)

Stefani Carter, on the other hand, received LARGE contributions from  Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, a group that has long supported her- and her 90% range conservative record.  This group does a LOT of good things supporting a lot of good conservative- but also often supports SOME of the ‘Powers That Be’ types.  something to keep an eye on, but not hugely troubling.

Just remember one thing, folks; follow the money… AND the related associations.
(Here is the site to search to find out about the money in State races.)

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