Voter Guides, Pay for Play, and False Fronts

UPDATE: As predicted, false front groups are being thrown up for the elections.  The latest is something called the ‘Texas Tea Party Conservative Coalition‘- formed April 5th of this year.

Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition
Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition
Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition

Now that the multi-group voter guides have proven highly effective aiding the voters in identifying the thoroughly vetted conservative candidates, those that are less principled and more ‘malleable’ will likely react in one of two ways:

  1. Attempting to discredit the lists and the work they represent.
  2. Emulating it with faux conservative groups thrown up by the Austin political class.

The first method normally involves questioning the motives and/or integrity of the groups involved. That has already been attempted this cycle by claiming a ‘Pay for Play’ scheme at work.  (Pay for play is that anyone to be endorsed has to contribute to the endorsing group).  a claim of this was made against Young Conservative of Texas and implied in the case of EmpowerTexans. Neither group was guilty of it: YCT received donations- from a handful of the many candidates it endorsed- to print up their voter guides MONTHS AFTER their endorsements.    In our case, we were shocked to receive a significant donation- unsolicited by us- from a well-known conservative mega-donor to do a mailer.  We turned over the entire amount and did a substantial (and beautifully designed) mail piece to 54,000 voters from it. Nobody ‘bought’ endorsements in any one of the three groups; accusing them falsely of this is a clear attempt to discredit thoroughly conservative vetting and the highly ethical people working as taxpayer advocates.

Since these attempts to discredit failed so utterly, we fully expect another possible move of the ‘Powers That Be’ is to throw up faux conservative ’empty shell’ groups  to claim to have vetted the candidates  for conservatism (And strangely will find exactly the opposite results).  Whereas our list features known conservative endorsing groups like YCT, TFR, and CCCR, the competing lists we’d seen previously only listed a single group that practically nobody has ever heard of. In the future, we expect to see multi-group lists of these establishment ‘shells’ groups to show up as well.. If you get one of these, ask yourself theses questions:

  1. Where were these groups in the primary itself?  If they had no comment in the primary, they surely are hastily assembled efforts.  The groups we list ALL have been at this for at LEAST the last three election cycles.
  2. Have you ever even heard of the EXACT name before?  What is their stated purpose?  Does it actually have any listing of who all is involved?
  3. Does their list or scorecard make any sense?  For example, the ‘Texas Conservative Roundtable’ is an Austin ‘Powers That Be’ group whose scorecard is listed here.  Note the Senate listing; it lists known conservative Birdwll, but not known conservatives Paxton and Patrick;  then lists known NON-conservative Carona and Deuell.  The arrangement has a simple explanation: known conservatives not being challenged by the establishment forces are listed as cover for the non-conservatives being actively challenged BY conservatives.
  4. Does the groups serve a special interest, generically stated?  Or are they actual groups representing true grassroots groups?

We will NOT be surprised if the other side- taking note of our great success- to come up with their own multi-group ‘false front’ mailers and poll handouts.  The ‘go-along- to get-along’ crew is NOT stupid, so they WILL react to our successes.  So look for it folks- and recognize it for what it is if and when it DOES come.

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