A Day of Making the Difference

Yesterday’s primary was an extremely good one for conservatives and the approaches that the North Texas Tea Party has taken to make a difference.  Here are the statewide results.  A synopsis:

On the state Senate side: John Carona- such a powerful long-timer that his opponent could not find a consulting group in all of Texas to help him run against him, lost to Don Huffines by 635 votes.  Bob Deuell- another considered ‘untouchable’ despite a horrible voting record- has been forced into a runoff with ‘NTTP TeaApproved’ Bob Hall.

On the state House side: Joe Straus’s money machine sent an extra $50,000 to four different State Representative incumbents (Bennett Ratliff, Angie Chen Button, Linda Harper-Brown, JD Sheffield)  whose only commonality was that our yellow voter guides started showing up in their districts; two of those incumbents lost: Bennett Ratliff lost to Matt Rinaldi by a razor thin 92 votes and Rodney Anderson defeated Linda Harper-Brown in a real shocker.  Batting .500 against well funded  incumbents is very good (And Angie Chen Button won by single digits.)  There were also losses by Diane Patrick and Lance Gooden at the hands of Tea Party-supported opponents that should cause major concern for the ‘Powers That Be’ types in Austin.

Statewide races were excellent, with all conservatives going into runoffs with significant leads over opponents: Dan Patrick over David Dewhurst 42-28; Ken Paxton over Dan Branch 43-33; Glen Hager inches away from avoiding a runoff entirely against Harvey Hildebran 49.9-26; Sid Miller leading Tommy Merritt 35-21; Wayne Christian over Sitton 43-31.

It was also a great day in another regard: every candidate who went to throwing personal mud at the last minute (as the Murphy and Eppstein consulting groups routinely deploy) got huge backlash from it- most of the candidates knocked off outright.  Using such lowlife tactics- and employing those who use such- should be viewed as an albatross around the neck of ANY candidate and a way to assure the candidate LOSES.

However, the national level races- where Cornyn avoided a runoff against a weak field and Pete Sessions easily defeated Katrina Pierson- also proves another point we at NTTP have long understood: the Tea Parties cannot win alone! Our numbers are not great enough nor are likely to be.  We are the difference makers.  The traditional conservatives factions of the GOP need us to help them get over the top over mushy ‘go-along-to-get-along’ types.  In the role of difference makers, we hold substantial strength, but ONLY in conjunction with others and it is a mistake to ever think otherwise.

But NTTP’s influence is growing, as is easily seen by the statistics from the web site alone.  Last election; our online voter guides were downloaded over 1,100 times for the entire election: this time, they were downloaded 5,000 times- on election day alone! (over 15,000 overall).  Web traffic yesterday more than doubled our long-standing previous record (when one of our videos ended up on Bill O’Reilly) , with 15,790 views.

Last night was a very good night for us, but the death march continues with a LOT of runoffs that need to be won. More voter guide to do, more online activities and more door-to-door (at least locally). And we can ALWAYS use more help!

2 Responses to A Day of Making the Difference

  1. Terrell Graham says:

    Great job! The guide was used in South Texas for statewide offices.

    • Mike O says:

      Great to know! Send us any state rep or State Senate runoffs you have there and the county and we could put together one specific for the county.