Angie Chen Button Goes Off at Forum

In one of the worst cases of ‘bad form’ many of us have EVER witnessed at a public debate forum, Angie Chen Button lost all semblance of decorum at the well-done event hosted by the Garland Tea Party and Richardson Tea Party.  There MAY have been some confusion on whether she was supposed to go first or last on closing statements before, but she was given the first go at it- which she used, followed by Jared Patterson’s closing statement.  Those are included in the video below; but you have GOT to watch what follows.  The crowd tried to end the complete break in decorum with applause, but then she would have none of it.

Angie’s closing statement ends at 2:28, Jared’s ends at 4:29.  Then watch what happens:

A completely classless performance.  Who would want someone capable of such a spectacle with this attitude representing them in Austin?

This is NOT a one-off instance, either.  At a smaller event with the North Texas Tea Party she went first in a format where each candidate spoke individually and then took questions, then was followed by Jared- and AGAIN she insisted on breaking decorum standing up and interrupting Jared at some length. Here is that video and Angie’s break with decorum starts at the 25 minute mark.

BTW Angie: About being ‘welcoming’?  As you well know, about the time you were coming from Taiwan, I ‘welcomed’ another immigrant from Taiwan- to be my WIFE.  And honored that heritage in our son, born 4 years later, by insisting he be given a Chinese middle name (Chien-Ming) and that he also learn his mother’s language. So when you claim we are not ‘welcoming’, this Tea Party leader gets a little bit peeved.  What we DON’T welcome is poor decorum from candidates; I thought we were ALL passed that by now.  After all, it was you who refused to meet with these same Tea Party constituents in late 2010 and literally RAN from them in Austin when they wanted to discuss legislative issues.

(BTW: we ran out of paper copies of our conservative voter guides quickly last night; download a copy for your county here.)

The full video of the ENTIRE forum (with time links to the sections at Youtube- Thanks John Smith) is here:

And here are the District Attorney candidate piece, speaking before the 377 folks at the Richardson- Garland Tea Party forum:

Will add the State Senate Candidates here when the video is done processing:

Will add Katrina Pierson’s piece here when the video is done procesessing (Pete Sessions has gone completely ‘milk carton’ on us, refusing to face his constituents.  Probably enjoying his Florida home too much to spend time with the ‘Great Unwashed’)

6 Responses to Angie Chen Button Goes Off at Forum

  1. Bill Adams says:

    The actions of Mrs. Button last night were reprehensible. She continuously talked around the questions with typical political rhetoric containing NOTHING of substance prior to her meltdown. She went into attack mode quickly. Her two main attack points here, in the Dallas Morning News Voter’s Guide, and in other forums, are totally disingenuous, with one being an outright lie.
    1. She states that Mr. Patterson voted to raise Sachse’s property tax by 25%. While technically true, what Mr. Patterson did was represent the wishes of his constituents, who passed every bond item, by showing them the respect of abiding by their wishes. Basically, the people of Sachse said, “We want to pay higher taxes to help bring Sachse into the 21st. century”.By the way, I voted yes too, for the same reasons.
    2. She states that Mr. Patterson voted to raise Sachse’s sales tax by 25%.
    THIS IS A 100% OUTRIGHT LIE!!! Sachse was sitting at 7.75%, with all other area cities at 8.25%. Council decided to put a 1/4 cent sales tax increase to our citizens for them to decide, which they overwhelmingly did. Since she frequently mentions being a CPA I do NOT want her to do my tax return. I’m still trying to figure out how a sales tax increase of barely over 3% becomes 25%. Oh, the other point she always seems to forget to mention is that the 1/4 cent goes directly into a dedicated, untouchable fund to be used ONLY for infrastructure repair to existing streets, sidewalks, and alleys.

    Bill Adams
    Mayor Pro Tem
    Sachse, Texas

    • Randall Dunning - SREC Committeeman SD-16 says:


      It is really easy to see how she comes up with this. First, you must understand that Angie is a liar, she lies all the time and even lies when the truth would serve better. What she did was figure that 1/4 cent is 25% of 1 cent and then conflate that into a claim of a 25% tax hike. Angie does things like this all the time. When she ran against me she spent $420,000 on a TV and radio campaign promoting a lie that I was somehow under investigation by the FBI. The truth was I was upgrading a security clearance for my DoD employer and was undergoing a routine background check by DISCO.

      Angie also ran a series of campaign mailings claiming to every neighborhood association and HOA that she was the “local candidate” who “lived in the neighborhood”. That mailing used a picture provided by her campaign and a format provided by her campaign and printing paid for by her campaign but no campaign disclaimer. Instead she had a supporter in each neighborhood pretend that it was their independent idea and mail it out under their name. Color this “C” for illegal coordination.

      In my experience Angie has become a continuous source of poisonous lies and it is no surprise she distorts Councilman Patterson’s record for her own selfish purposes and political advantage. That is what bad politicians do.

  2. Mike O says:

    As stated before; anonymous comments will be deleted; if you do not have the courage to post under your actual name, then we are not interested in your opinions on this site.

  3. Randall Dunning - SREC Committeeman SD-16 says:

    Angie has melted down on other occasions as well. In my opinion she is unstable and unable to handle criticism gracefully. Back in 2011 there was a town hall in Richardson where I asked Angie why she initially opposed a flagship bill of NRA and TSRA. Angie lied and said she never opposed the bill and said I didn’t know what I was talking about. After I sat down, the next person up confirmed what I said and when Angie’s lie was exposed she had another of her increasing common meltdowns. But the problems with Angie go even deeper.

    In 2008 at her 8 day out finance report, she showed a $380,000 loan balance. When she submitted her January 2009 finance report, she showed a $0 loan balance even though she spent over $30,000 more than she took in. This has never been explained and considering her staff said she borrowed the money form her husband who took it from the equity in their home and their IRAs, one wonders how these were repayed.

    In 2010, in Angie’s July semi-annual finance report, she accepted a $2500.00 direct campaign contribution from the Joe R Strauss III campaign which, as I read campaign finance law is a direct violation of the “Legislative Bribery” statute. In the past the way Speakers and Legislators avoided this was the “Leadership PAC” where a Speaker would direct PAC funds to members of there delegation who were at risk of being defeated in order to keep the party majority. That would be legal and in that same period Angie did indeed receive leadership PAC money ($5000.00). The problem was Angie had NO Democrat opponent . Speaker Straus, however, had 2 strong opponents. So why spend money on legislators who don’t have an opponent? The only rational answer is to buy their vote in the Speaker race.

    In 2008 Angie waged the dirtiest most lie filled campaign in Dallas County history and I have documentation on every one of those toxic lies.

    Finally, as a last look at the abuses Angie routinely practices is her Official Office Direction Sign payed for by the tax payers. The sign is placed in one of the highest traffic areas in her district yet points away from her office! Nobody could find her office based on that sign but it is very valuable as a perpetual campaign sign in a very high traffic location.

    So in little thing and big things, Rep. Button appears to be fast and loose with the money, completely challenged when it comes to telling the truth, and increasingly unstable when questioned or challenged. The voters of District 112 need to become the “Local Ethics Commission” and send Angie Chen Button back to the private sector.

    (All information is documented and available upon request at Place “Button Corruption” in the title and I’ll send you what I have.)

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