Commissioner Straw Poll (With Packing)

Well, the straw poll results from the Collin County Commissioner Candidate Forum can be found HERE in detail.  The number of participants were pretty minimalistic. but the results are illuminating from a number of ways.  Kudos to Mark Reid for a clear win!
The numbers are pretty small to be of predictive value, however.  The value was further reduced by ‘packing’ efforts that are obvious from the number of polls turned in WITHOUT attending the forum. The bizarre thing is that seven of the 17 of those without codes given out during the forum rated the performance? Did that many forget the code or lose it?  Maybe.  But we DO know there were efforts to pack the poll with supporters whether members of the Tea Party or not.  We added WELL over a score  of new ‘members’ in the last week, most likely just for this straw poll.  It is what it is and, if nothing else, it does show the strength of Mark’s support base, which speaks well of his position for the election.
We erred in not asking one question though and we would be interested in relevant responses in the comment section.  Did the forum itself help you select your choice?  It would be interesting how many of the responses were actually ‘pre-determined’.  In that regard , we think the ‘forum performance’ as a better indication of forum- which Mark ALSO won, but not by as decisive a factor.

Overall, it was an interesting exercise and we appreciate all three candidates and all the audience members.  We hope you found the forum format useful.  This will be a tough race and we implore those that do NOT end up on the Commission to stay very active in County affairs.  Too much good talent for the citizens not to benefit from.  If you were NOT able to attend, be sure to view the video below so you DO have familiarity with all three candidates before you make your choice.

Ann Lieber Mark Reid Susan Fletcher
AT Forum
 – Count 4 13 6
 – Percentage 17.40% 56.50% 26.10%
 – Forum performance 3.38 3.83 2.75
NOT at Forum (no code)
 – Count 1 14 3
 – Percentage 5.60% 77.80% 16.70%
 – Forum performance?? (7/17) 3.86 4.43 3.71
 – Count 5 27 9
 – Percentage 12.20% 65.90% 22.00%
 – 5 = Very Strong
 – 1 = Very Weak

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