Collin County Commissioner Forum – A ‘Friendly’

A full house at the Collins County Commissioner forum last night that I moderated. This is going to be a TOUGH choice between Mark Reid, Ann Lieber and Susan Fletcher. All friends, all great conservatives; a ‘win-win-win’ for the Collin County voters!  We will be releasing the results of an email straw poll in the next few days.


The full video is here: WELL worth watching (or listening to in the background as you do other stuff) to get a feel for each candidate.


One Response to Collin County Commissioner Forum – A ‘Friendly’

  1. Tim Smith says:

    How about setting up a web site

    And letting various TEA Party members vote and comment on various departments, agencies and organizations like BLM of the federal government.

    Millions of Americans saying End the IRS would have to be heard.

    Tim Smith 214-679-0772