Texas House District 64 TeaApproval – Read King

Texas House District 64 in Denton County has long been represented by Myra Crownover.  And of late, this long-term incumbent’s voting record has not been something her conservative constituents would be proud of.  The last session, she finished in the bottom third of our composite of three conservative scorecards.  And her performance the previous session was little better.  It is the same sad road of debilitating incumbentitis that has softened many a previously good officeholder at the hands of the Professional Political Class.

Read King has stepped up to challenge Myra in the GOP primary but the question for many- as is always the case in such a challenge- is whether the challenger represents a significant improvement toward conservative governance.

After interviewing Read extensively (some of which made it onto Japanese TV for a piece on Tea Parties!) and reviewing his political background and activities, our vetting committee is firmly convinced he is.  Read is extremely knowledgeable in what goes on in Austin and has strong convictions on the over-reach and over-expense of what our state government is doing, while understanding that many of the core functions of state government have become afterthoughts.  The NTTP Vetting Committee enthusiastically gives Read King ‘NTTP TeaApproval’!

read_king_100  NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

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