Far North Dallas Tea Party HD 102 Forum

All four candidates met in a forum sponsored by the Far North Dallas, Richardson and Addison Tea Parties, with all four GOP candidates: from left to right (seated pretty appropriately) are Linda Koop, Sam Brown, Adryana Boyne, and NTTP TeaApproved Stefani Carter.

A VERY telling moment comes toward the end (at the 39:15 mark).  It deals with the proposed Cotton Belt Rail Line project.  The massive rail project- like every other rail project outside of extremely dense population areas- would require huge amounts of government subsidy and- now that it’s being discussed as a ‘public-private’ partnership- it would combine the worst of government, crony capitalism, cost overruns, engineering impossibilities and private property infringement via eminent domain. The subsidy needed for light rail runs on AVERAGE 70% (and this one would likely be HIGHER). Construction and maintenance costs are seven times that of a roadway.

First to address this was Linda Koop.  Of course, she’s all for this and been involved in the planning while with the city of Dallas.  Sam Brown and Adryana Boyne were next and neither seemed to know anything about the project. But they BOTH  did a most telling thing; they acceded to the ‘expertise’ of Linda Koop (big government types are ALWAYS the expert) as to  the advisability of the project; in Austin, this gets us billions in waste.  Just attach a priority name like ‘transportation’ or ‘water’ onto something, and too many folks cede all the details to big-government experts.   Stefani Carter, actually knowing about the project and having learned from her time in Austin, made clear some of the VERY serious concerns with the project.  Not a popular position with the ‘Powers That Be’ crowd, but the right one from a conservative standpoint.

2 Responses to Far North Dallas Tea Party HD 102 Forum

  1. Ck says:

    See our blog at Notollroad.com or our facebook at notollroad/Facebook! We have been fighting this cronyism since Dec 12. This started in Hunt Co. Judge Horn and a company called owned by John Crews called TTC now named Publicwerks. John Crews has never built a single project, yet is the no bid winner for this toll road from Greenville to the possibly GHWB tollroadThey signed a horrible lease with NETEX to form CottonBelt LP to ram this thru. The notollroad.com citizens in Hunt and Collin Co. stopped it from being rammed thru, but now it is under review by the NCTCOG/RTC. Get smart about this and tell the RTC no to any tollroad or new roads in the Blacklands Corridor, the 2035 Mobility plan has enough tax payer money spent. Why waste more on a road not needed or wanted by anyone but those who will profit!

  2. Ck says:

    Sorry about spelling errors on previous post.
    For any light rail to be built on the CottonBelt RoW, it will require the purchase private land and the use of ED to create a contiguous RoW since during the toll road discovery, we found out that NETEX doesn’t own the entire RoW. To build a light rail would be a tax payer nightmare. I believe the 70% tax payer subsidy would be on the best case scenario. There is no data in the 2035 Mobility Study that shows a need for a rail service or a new road or toll road being built. Public private partnerships mean public risk, private profit. A light rail would be a boondoggle since no one would be using it with near enough riders to make it viable. The Fact is most Texans prefer to drive to their destination (avoiding tolls) and the fastest growing commercial transportation in the nation is Low Cost Commercial Bus companies. No rail service can compete with them, just look at the companies booming on the east coast and from Mexico to L.A and N.Y.
    There will never be a commercial rail line again since there is no viable destination for unloading rail. The cost to rebuild the rail to support commercial would be enormous. Any attempt to build a light rail would make AMTRAC look like a wise investment. NCTCOG/RTC and NETEX needs to realize that there is no taxpayer profitable course of action for that RoW other than selling it to the adjacent property owners and use those funds to support the Co. and Farm Roads in the Counties that section is sold. To destroy the towns, buildings and homes required to rebuild a light rail or road /tollroad is not what the people want in Hunt or Collin Co. and every public meeting supports this.
    We need everyone else in the Metroplex to contact their Representative and the RTC on the Blacklands Corridor page on their website or call and tell them no subsidized rail, road/tollroad or public private partnership in our neighborhoods. Without your support, some crooked idea will be implemented, and the taxpayer will bear the cost with no public benefit.