Texas House District 105 TeaApproval – Rodney Anderson

It is time for a change in Texas House District 105; that has been clear since last sessions TSA anti-groping bill kabuki theater and capitulation.  And Rodney Anderson, who had a fine record as a State Representative prior to redistricting costing him re-election- has stepped up to provide that change.  In Rodney,  the voters of HD105 will find someone who listens to all with equal intensity, the little guy as well as the large corporations.  And he has a willingness to challenge the ‘Powers That Be’ on the fiscal matters to assure first priorities are handled FIRST, rather than as an expensive afterthought as was done in this last session.

We are happy to announce that Rodney Anderson has- through his commitment to better fiscal responsibility- earned ‘NTTP TeaApproval’.

rodney_anderson_100   NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

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