John Carona – Arrogance Defined

After hearing John Carona speaking at a candidate forum (the FIRST I ever heard of where recording was NOT allowed- except for one ‘official’ recorder. Surprised to find  it was those putting the forum on that requested this; never seen a group NOT want themselves videotaped doing such; transparency of pubicly-attended forums should ALWAYS be foremost), we feel it necessary to respond to some arrogant outlandishness from him on several points.

The first is to try to give him an outside-of-Austin clue: You DON’T claim to being a big conservative while bragging about the volume of bills you passed.  REAL conservatives know this- MANY BILL MEANS MORE BIG GOVERNMENT.  Just because someone with an ‘R’ by their name writes it or supports it, does not make a piece conservative legislation.  Especially things like the franchise tax, which Carona supported.

Also clueless was Carona’s contempt for ‘scorecards’, which he dismisses as the desires of a few people on a handful of bills.  These scorecards reflect the results from scores of bills each session and the opinions of multiple organizations, some pretty large. Our composite of scorecards lists three of the best conservative organizations- fiscal and social- and represent at least 50 key bills in just this session.  There are other groups- and a longer history of mediocre to poor performance by Carona as far as MANY conservative groups listed here are concerned (he does better in the social areas than the fiscal).  These score cards are based on HIS VOTES- and that is what he is sent down there to do.  He feels he doesn’t need to pay attention to them and the organizations behind them:  the special-interest lobbyists who line his coffers instruct him on how to vote.  Check out his sources of money for the 2012 cycle alone, as reported by VoteSmart: including $176K from lobbyists and $86K from payday lenders. In principle-based voting vs. special interest lobby voting, it’s clear where Carona’s interests lie.

But let’s hammer the biggest nail in this coffin.  Rice university publishes an objective assessment of each legislative session, establishing an indexing of all 978 nonlopsided bills  and coming up with a conservative to liberal ranking of all legislators.  To quote the article in the Texas Tribune:

There was a significant gap between the Republicans and the Democrats, but John Carona of Dallas was the least conservative Republican senator,


Bottom line: those scorecards have John Carona’s voting record pegged correctly and he doesn’t like it one bit.  ‘Fess up, John; you are now the most liberal GOP State Senator by your own hand.  John represents a pretty moderate district, so even running on his actual record as one of the least conservative GOP senators might actually be fine for him.  But he needs to be honest to his voters- and honest with himself.

But if John is far removed from reality that he TRULY believes he is a conservative, then he needs to be removed from office.  And Don Huffines is the man to do it.

3 Responses to John Carona – Arrogance Defined

  1. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for attending our Texas Republican Candidate Meet & Greet and Senate District 16 Forum. As Producer of the program, I am proud to say that we doubled our expected attendance. Over 200 people filled the room and 20 Texas Candidates were represented.

    I just want to clarify to everyone reading your message that I was the one, and only one, who asked that our video be the only official video and both candidates agreed to it verbally and in writing prior to the event. The reason is simple…we want to prevent either candidate from giving a bias view of the event. Our team of 7 Precinct Chairs and 8 volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that this debate was neutral. One of our purposes as Precinct Chairs is to bring the candidates to our neighborhoods so that the people can meet them and hear directly from them.

    From one patriot to another, I suggest you check your facts first before posting comments, because it only hurts your credibility when you make false accusations.

    Here is a link to the video:!gallery/cfvx

    or visit and select the “Gallery” tab.

    Pam Colquitt
    Precinct Chair 2056

    • Mike O says:

      Thank you for the clarification. Frankly, I have NEVER seen such a restriction put on- especially in a public forum and the fact someone holding one made the condition surprises me; so much for transpancy of political office.
      I myself always record as much of the FULL presentation of ANY forum I attend and post it whenever possible in its entirety. (If the candidates does it in sections, I sometimes break it up candidate by candidate). We are in the business of informing the public and should consider it a duty.
      I will update the piece.
      BTW: Of course, you will assure none of the ‘official’ recording ever sees the light of day in EITHER political camp, I assume. Otherwise, it will indicate a certain bias involved, would it not?
      As for credibility, our homebase district hasn’t repeatedly sent a State Senator so willing to massively misrepresent his record as conservative as your district has- as demonstrated in this article; you might look to the credibility of your elected official first.

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