Denton Lt. Gov & AG Forums & Straw Polls

The Denton County Republicans had a forum for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General candidates and ALL GOP candidates made their appearances.  The crowd did have a few of us from elsewhere but was by far a representative cross-section of Denton County Republicans.

First were the four Lt. Governor candidates: Todd Staples, Jerry Patterson, David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick.  The straw poll results afterward were as follows: Dan Patrick- 103; Jerry Paterson- 70; David Dewhurst – 39; Todd Staples- 28

Next up were the Attorney General candidates: Barry Smitherman, Ken Paxton. The straw poll results afterward were as follows:  Ken Paxton- 139; Barry Smitherman- 59;
Dan Branch- 15. (These results have GOT to be worrisome for Branch; like Ken, Dan is from an adjacent county, but he can’t even pull a dozen when you preclude his staff and family votes??)

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