Scott Turner – Candidate for Texas House Speaker

Scott_turnerExciting news from Scott Turner: “I am excited to announce I have just filed to run for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives for the 84th Legislative Session. God bless Texas!”

And he would make a GREAT Speaker; a rock-solid principled conservative, yet able to work with ANYONE in a calm and reasoned manner toward mutual goals. We have a definitive race now- time to start asking your candidates who they support for Speaker: Joe Straus or Scott Turner? And CONTINUE to ask until you get some sort of definitive answer. Their answers will reveal a LOT about political courage and principle- or lack thereof.

HOWEVER: Scott Turner has made one request from those who support him in his bid to become the next Texas Speaker: KEEP IT POSITIVE! This will be difficult for some of us, but we MUST honor Scott’s request. It shows the character of the man we are backing and maybe we can ALL learn something from this.
We talk about the great leadership Scott will bring; not the mistakes of past leadership. We talk the strong character of Scott and his focus what is good for ALL of Texas that is possible with principled leadership by example.

One Response to Scott Turner – Candidate for Texas House Speaker

  1. Larry Collins says:

    Thank God. We NEED a Conservative Speaker of the House! Go, Scott, Go!