State Senate District 16 TeaApproval – Don Huffines

State Senate District 16 has long- too long- been held by John Carona,  whose voting record this last session puts in the ‘Which Party’ category and ranks him as the 5th most liberal GOP senator in Austin in our composite scorecard.

Enter Don Huffines, the real estate member of the automotive powerhouse Huffines family.  Don has a long record of helping fund conservative and liberty-minded candidates across the nation and locally (including Van Taylor in his congressional bid many years ago against Chet Edwards). Don has stepped up to challenge Carona, knowing the difficulty for many to take on a long entrenched incumbent with a long list of political connections and favors owed.  We find Don an honest supporter of limited government and one sure to ask the questions and cast the votes needed to keep Texas from sliding off into California style bloat.  The NTTP Vetting Committee is proud to announce that Don Huffines is ‘NTTP TeaApproved’!

don_huffines_100  NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

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