Collin County Commissioner, Pct1 -Embarrassing Riches

We’ve never reviewed such a race in all the contests we have looked at in three cycles.  Just Listing the candidates a bit of their records makes the problem clear:

Mark Reid – Mark was one of the co-founders of the North Texas Teas Party, having been active in everything Tea Party since 2009.  He has served is several capacities in several conservative campaigns and has bee a standard moderator for candidate forum.  His appointment to the unexpired term for this office was not much of a surprise given both his business and political background.

Ann Lieber – Ann is a founding member and Co-coordinator of Prosper Tea Party,  having been active in county issues and limited government grassroots efforts for several years. She has focused heavily on transportation issues, a key component to Collin County government.  She also has a unique perspective of the more rural areas of the county, where county government exerts more influence and a conservative viewpoint of growth is essential.

Susan Fletcher -Susan has served many, many roles in conservative advocacy, including as president of the outstanding Golden Corridor Republican Women’s group as well as the Strategic Events Chair for the Texas Faith & Freedom Coalition. She also has served on both county and state boards as a political appointee.  Few conservative efforts occur in Collin County where Susan is NOT involved.

The vast majority of our most active members have worked with all three on various grassroots efforts. And our only concern is that Collin County has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to top-tier conservatives to run for office.  What else could we do? We enthusiastically TeaApprove all three! The voters will have to decide among these outstanding candidates on their own, based on attributes other than Tea Party principles.

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3 Responses to Collin County Commissioner, Pct1 -Embarrassing Riches

  1. My humble thanks to the members of the North Texas Tea Party and the NTTP Vetting Committee. I am thankful for the work that you do to promote our conservative values and inform the electorate. Sunlight is the best disinfectant – and you have let your light shine on North Texas politics and beyond for many, many years. Godspeed.

  2. paula says:

    There is only one person TRULY qualified to represent me and the other residents of Collin County Precinct 1 – #MarkReid.

  3. Sean Mahan says:

    That’s a great article, thank you.