State House District 102 TeaApproval – Stefani Carter

Politics is- like almost any endeavor- a learning experience. It is a matter of what one who enters the fray learns from their experiences that defines character- and strength of principle. In the case of Stefani Carter, there is no question that we of the North Texas Tea Party were appalled of her handling of her very first decision (voting for Speaker Straus) as a newly elected State Representative- and her lack of full disclosure during the campaign of facts relevant to that decision. It was serious enough, our group voted to revoke her previously earned ‘TeaApproval’ status.
However, since then, her voting record and willingness to vote against the Speaker on some conservative critical issues- on the floor and in committee- over the last two sessions has redeemed Stefani in our eyes. Her record is not perfect, but it DOES put her at the top of our ‘Silver Medalist’ bracket with an 88% composite score this session, just a little under her ‘A’ rating on fiscal conservatism last time last session. She also deserves some ‘extra credit’ for her willingness this session to vote AGAINST the bloated budget on the floor, even when such actions could put her re-assignment to the Appropriations committee at risk. Also, she opposed the raid on the economic stabilization fund and the other budgeting shell games that the legislature perpetrated. She has been accessible to her constituents and local grassroots organizations and has largely rejected the siren song of the professional political class in Austin.So, considering this performance- and an improving realization that her future resides in sticking with the conservative core that is growing in the legislature, we again award Stefani Carter ‘NTTP TeaApproved’ status.
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The HD102 primary brings three other candidates to the race as well.
Capt Sam Brown: A genuine war hero and family man, Sam is continuing what will hopefully be a long and productive career of public service. Sam brings impressive interpersonal skills and leadership qualities to the table. However, his lack of “mission objectives” and his minimal public policy knowledge are significant setbacks for him for this election cycle. We look forward to watching Sam develop as a local leader, but we are not ready to TeaApprove him at this time.
Adryana Boyne: Throughout the 30+ vetting sessions this election cycle, we’ve not seen a candidate with more energy or a stronger passion for her work than Adryana. Her strong work ethic and her devotion to bringing Hispanic voters into the conservative camp both speak to her dedication to the conservative cause. Our concerns are with her potential effectiveness in office, and her lack of consistency in fiscally conservative ideals in a district that is known for delivering an enormous amount of pressure to representatives from public sector employees. In addition, our efforts to verify the support of key backers for her campaign were unsuccessful. We wish Adryana continued success in her mission to help convert people to the conservative cause, but have chosen not to TeaApprove her this session.
Linda Koop: Linda declined to meet with the North Texas Tea Party, but her recorded history of growing government at the City level, and an unwillingness to address government getting involved in LESS, as opposed to MORE, will have to stand on it’s own.

5 Responses to State House District 102 TeaApproval – Stefani Carter

  1. freshideaguy says:

    The Struse Pledge Card signed secretly by candidate before her election is an unforgiveable no-no for me, and represents the kind of low class sleight of hand that is a permanent part of her lack of character.
    RINO’s should be drummed out of the party, as well as those who
    allowed her return to acceptance

    • Mike O says:

      We send representative to Austin not for one vote, but MANY votes. And- other than that single vote for Straus- her record has been pretty consistently conservative. It takes a LOT to forgive her for that Pledge Card fiasco and, had there been ANYTHING similar over the last 4 years, it would not have been possible to do so.

      • Jonathan says:

        You have to fight fire with fire though folks. We need to get the candidates to pledge or promise AHEAD of time to NOT vote for Straus as speaker, and to PLEDGE to vote for any future opposing challenger. Yes, it’s a bit odd to have them pledge to vote for an unknown, but nobody is willing to pop their head up after Straus won last time. He can retaliate against challengers by denying them chairmanships and killing their bills. So unless we get a majority of the House agreeing to vote for someone new, it’s unlikely we will see a new speaker.

        The alternative is just to pour ALL our efforts (and donations) on the Matt Beebe vs Straus race. He came very close to beating Straus last time and is better prepared. He just needs a few volunteers and more donations.

        There isn’t much point in fighting so hard on the house races up North if Straus wins down South and can foil all our gains as Speaker.

      • Mike O says:

        Well Scott Turner announced today he’s running for the Speaker seat. It’s simple: ask each candidate to publicly if they will support Scott Turner or Joe Straus. And DON’T let them weasel out of it!

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