Railroad Commission TeaApproval – Wayne Christian

The misnamed Railroad Commission- with its key role in the state interests in oil and gas- is a critical position in Texas government.  the choice on this one was fairly straight-forward for us: Wayne Christian has a long history as a solid conservative, unafraid of rocking the boat when the boat needed rocking, even when his own political future was at stake.  He served his East Texas constituents well enough that when the ‘Powers That Be’ wanted to be rid of him, they drew a district during redistricting to accomplish that.

Wayne also has the regulatory expertise appropriate for the position, having served as Vice Chairman of the Regulated Industries Committee and two terms as a member of the Energy Committee.  Most importantly, he realizes the biggest battle he will have is with a federal regulatory morass that has grown ever-hostile to the interests of the state of Texas.  Wayne is geared up and has the passion for that fight, with a history of doing what is right over what is politically expedient.  Proven fighters like Wayne deserve the ‘NTTP TeaApproved’ designation and we so issue it to him for the Texas Railroad Commission.

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2 Responses to Railroad Commission TeaApproval – Wayne Christian

  1. John Stephens says:

    I do not agree with this recommendation by the Tea Party. Someone is not thinking technically.
    Ryan Sitton is a native Texan and graduate of Texas A&M University. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and for fifteen years has focused on the engineering technology and reliability integrity of the oil, gas petrochemical industries. Ryan Sitton is considered a leading expert in his field serving as an expert witness in both regulatory and civil court cases and consulting to a wide range of oil and gas companies.

    Ryan Sitton would carry a stronger message to self-regulate inside the State of Texas and be the advocate on behalf of Texans by pushing back the intrusion of the EPA and other federal regulatory agencies into our energy production. We want Texas to continue to be the leader in the oil and gas standards and to do this we need someone who deeply understands the technology, a true Engineer who has already proven himself as a leading expert in the courts sending the EPA back to Washington with their tail between their legs, Ryan Sitton.