Filing Deadline Passed – Good Stuff for Conservatives

Well, the official filing deadline has passed and the various races are set.  To see what is in the offing, just check this link for your specific county and what your primary ballots will contain (both GOP and Democrat).

A BIG last minute surprise was the 11th hour filing of Steve Stockman against U.S. Senator John Cornyn in the GOP Primary which will assure a lively race there. Also a surprise was Tom Pauken pulling out of the governor’s race, leaving Greg Abbott to face a number of lesser known candidates.  There are LOTS of lively contests and our vetting committee has met 30 candidates so far for interviews, with a LOT more to go.  We maintain a list of those sessions here, and to see who has- and who has not- passed the high bar for NTTP TeaApproval, check this link. We are still working to finalize several races.

In the Collin County local scene, the long-awaited decision by Keith Self on who he would appoint for County Commissioner, Precinct 1 has been made.  To fill in for Matt Shaheen, who stepped down to run for Texas House District 66, Keith appointed Mark Reid, a co-founder of this very Tea Party.  Mark will serve through this upcoming election cycle.  Mark WILL be running in this primary season and, even though Keith Self’s endorsement carries some weight, there will be a couple of other fine conservatives running in the race, including Ann Lieber of the Prosper Tea Party and Susan Fletcher of the Golden Corridor club.  This will indeed be what we call a ‘friendly’, Collin County indeed has an embarrassment of riches in terms of candidates.

The only state level primary race in the county will be for Texas House, District 66, which Van Taylor has vacated to run for the Texas Senate seat.  In that race we have Matt Shaheen, our well-known County Commissioner; Stacey Chen, a dynamic and impressive young lady who went as a National Delegate Alternate to the last GOP Convention; and Glenn Callison, a prominent local businessman.  It should be noted that Glenn marked the direction he is coming from when he made recent donations to both Joe Straus and to Dan Branch, a Straus lieutenant and opponent of Ken Paxton for Attorney General. (Contribution search form here). Take it for what its worth.

Both Dallas County AND Denton County have some very interesting primary races and these will be subject to another posting in the very near future.  But this will be a fascinating and exciting election cycle and we conservative MUST be VERY active in all aspects of it to grow the conservative contingent locally, in Austin and in DC.

Statewide, things are looking hopeful, as reported by EmpowerTexans.  But it is no time for conservatives to slack off. NOW is the time to get involved in these races and do the grunt work that actually WINS these things.  They aren’t won from the couch!  Find a race (or two) and get to work!

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