NTTP TeaApproval for Governor – Greg Abbott

After sitting down with Attorney General Greg Abbott, the North Texas Tea Party voted unanimously to TeaApprove him for the Governor’s race.  While no candidate is perfect, Attorney General Abbott easily cleared the high bar we have set for this office.  After leaving little doubt of his conservative foundation, Attorney General Abbott laid out a clear plan to address critical issues facing our great state, like border security, state sovereignty, and the state budget.  His proven record for continually defending Texans against federal incursions and defending traditional values from soulless progressivism will serve Texas well in the governor’s mansion.

 As the forces on the left employ national efforts to turn Texas blue, we can be assured of a fierce political battle for the Governor’s race.  Attorney General Abbott is also well-positioned to win this intense political battle and give Texans the fighting chance we need to defeat the federal leviathan.

 greg_abbott_100  NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px


The other candidates in the GOP primary, such as Tom Pauken and Lisa Fritsch, also have good attributes and the messages they bring to the primary should be heard as well.  The voters need to learn all they can about ALL options and make their judgments objectively, as we have tried to do.

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