NTTP TeaApproval for Attorney General – Ken Paxton

This was NOT as much as a slam-dunk as many people would have thought.  Barry Smitherman is a good candidate as well, with strength of conviction that does impress. (Dan Branch did not see fit to respond to multiple requests to interview for NTTP TeaApproval.  His record as one of the 11 GOP members who joined all the Democrats to let Straus take over the Speakership, pretty well made it a tough climb for him.)

But the bottom line is, Ken Paxton is KNOWN for his rock-solid conservative record and his willingness to stick his neck out for what he knows is the right thing.  His quiet presentation hides a stainless-steel core of resolve which we will need in our next Attorney General to help protect us from Washington’s continual overreach.  We have seen him stand strong time and again in the legislature; Ken Paxton will stand equally strong as Texas’s lawyer and we PROUDLY give him NTTP TeaApproval status.

tea_paxton_100   NTTP_TEA_Approved_100

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