Leach & Laubenberg: Deeds in Office Match Words

It should be no surprise to anyone that or vetting committee re-issues the ‘NTTP TeaApproval’ from both Jeff Leach and Jodie Laubenberg for this next election cycle.  Both legislators- in different ways- have demonstrated their courage and resolve to assure their legislative deeds match their words, even in the face of sharp pressure from the professional political class and others.  Indeed, in the case of Jodie, in the face of multiple death threats.

jeff_leach_100  NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px  tea_laubenberg_100

After this last session, we like to tease Jeff Leach as being our Collin County ‘liberal’.  After all, he scored ONLY a 93.6% in the TFR Fiscal Responsibility Index.  But this is only in good-natured fun; we feel his brilliant work- as a freshman legislature- on blocking the disastrous Obamacare-related Medicaid expansion here in Texas is worth at LEAST 6.3 point of ‘extra-credit’.  He also co-sponsored and took a lead role on 8 of 10 priority bill of the Tea Party coalition.  And , while we might not agree with Jeff on every issue (i.e. Prop. 6) Jeff had an EXCEPTIONAL freshman term and walked the walk.   He most certainly is deserving of re-election.

what can we say about Jodie that hasn’t been said?  Not only scoring 100% on Fiscal Responsibility AND Eagle Forum; The Iron Lady of Parker navigated through death threats and staged insanity in Austin to drive a REASONABLE bill on abortion she authored through to completion.  When she called on some of us the lend some counter-protest experience to the effort, we were honored to drop what we doing, expend some personal days from work and stand with her in the maelstrom that was Austin in the Second Special session.   If we could, we’d cast a NTTP TeaApproved teapot in solid stainless steel for Jodie.  Heck Yeah! Jodie is NTTP TeaApproved!

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