Response to Rep. Grayson


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  1. Lisa C. Gingrich says:

    Hello from someone in Virginia; I am on this site to confirm something I saw on facebook because I don’t like to pass things along unless I have checked them out – – and this response to representative Grayson is what I wanted to check out! And here it is! Thank you for this – we all know that “conservative” and actual “American” are not limited to “white” or “male”, and this is the perfect illustration of that fact – and of the lyin’ bigotry exhibited by those who demonize us. We scare them because we are not intimidated by them and their slurs – and because we, the actual and/or philosophical and spiritual descendants of the Founding Fathers, continue to exist and stand up for ourselves and the United States. Spirit of ’76 lives on in ’13, ’14, ’15, and into perpetuity! I’ve lived in Ghana, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, France, and have kissed the ground upon returning here each time – we’re not perfect, no human endeavor ever is, but unlike other systems and other attitudes and other values, we look at ourselves and however gradually, self-correct, strengthen, and have represented these attributes to the rest of the world – some who appreciate and hope, and some who are jealous and hateful because they cannot control us. We must be The Wall that will not crumble against unending assaults; we must stand firm, we will not stand down.

    Thank you for this response, I think it warrants repeated postings!

    • Mike O says:

      Thank you. Lisa! I also helped the ladies at get started. I am REALLY tired of the liberals thinking that the political opinion of ANY ethnicity should be what is ‘expected’- and their incensed efforts to discredit anyone who doesn’t stay in the ideological boxes THEY define.

  2. Daniel says:

    I am a founding fathers loving constitutionalist. And I’m black. There is nothing similar to the KKK and the Tea Party. Liberals are complete liers. Slaves never wanted to destroy america. They just wanted to be included and free. We need more of these stories told.

    • maddaddyssa says:

      Daniel, the only difference between liberal/progressive types and the klan is the klan is honest about their twisted, bigoted attitudes. Here’s one dirty little secret about the left, I belonged to the Mailhandler’s Union, which, to make a very long story short, has it’s roots in what was called the Alliance, a union of Black RR mail clerks and porters that organized around 1900. The reason they organized was not only to seek better pay and working conditions, but because the White socialists at the forefront of the labor movement wanted nothing to do with them, they were every bit as racist as the klan. It wasn’t until decades later when they realized the untapped propaganda potential of exploiting the, as it was called then, “Negro Situation”. I’ve seen first-hand how these hypocrites are during my college days. White student activists from priveledged backgrounds who drank the Kool-Aid of socialist utopia, putting on their “schtick” about how they “feel the pain” of the “minorities”, pretending to be “down for the struggle”. I wish I had these phonies under surveillance during a typical Saturday night of partying. When the brewskis flowed and the doobies passed around, that’s when these hypocrites let their, pardon the pun TRUE COLORS show. In vino veritas, indeed!