The State Constitutional Amendments

There are nine Texas Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. Early voting is underway. Please vot and please vote INFORMED!

Here is an EXCELLENT voter’s guide listing the recommendations of several well-known conservative groups on the constitutional amendments– very similar to ones we produce for the primaries.  Great to see the spread of a good idea!

Here is the Empower Texan’s brief piece on that. Also here is are the excellent Texas Patriots PAC’s recommendations. The most controversial one is the Proposition 6.  On that issue, fiscal conservatives have some small disagreement, but the vast majority concur: while there is definite need to advance as many SENSIBLE water projects as possible, financing is currently NOT the limiting factor: permitting is.  Substantial funding IS available already and this amount will not make an effective mechanism to speeding up projects for many years.  Especially since they got $6 billion in bonding authority JUST TWO YEARS AGO.   Here is a clear explanation of how that fund has yet to be tappedWe recommend voting NO on Proposition 6, sending it BACK to the legislature to work on in the next session to assure the funding from the OPERATIONAL budget- which is the appropriate source of such essentials.

However, as our limited resources are pretty well occupied with addressing the spring primary elections, you will not see any big campaign on either of these issues from us.   We do a LOT of study for MANY issues, so the voters will have to- as in every other case- judge for themselves if they agree with our reasoning or not.

Please be sure to vote! Early voting has already begun and the big day is November 5th!

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