NTTP TeaApproval – Matt Rinaldi, HD 115

This one  for House District 115 (North Irving-Carrollton-Coppell-Farmers Branch) was VERY easy.  Matt Rinaldi was an original founder of the Dallas Tea Party, a sharp, a constitutionalist with a practical side, and a powerhouse of conservative intellect.  One of the two from 2010 we pegged as having great leadership potential (the other being Scott Turner).  Unfortunately last time he had a crowded, well-funded field and missed out in the runoff.

matt_rinaldi_100  NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

This time, he is pitted against an incumbent (Bennett Ratliff) with an APPALLING record as one of the most LIBERAL (not even moderate) GOP members in the house, who often voted with the Democrats against the GOP majority.  Ratliff’s reaction to addressing his re-election and his miserable record was to try to draw Matt OUT of the district.

There is no clearer distinction between candidates in the whole North Dallas area.  This is the race for conservatives of ALL stripes to put their largest effort in to clean up Austin.  Our members are encouraged to join Matt’s campaign and do the grunt work needed to replace a true RINO.

3 Responses to NTTP TeaApproval – Matt Rinaldi, HD 115

  1. Esef Brewer says:

    bennett ratliff is no liberal, you people are just crazy. I bet you;d like Somalia, land of no government, perhaps Yeoman, a fantasy come true for libertarians. Maybe you should consider leaving the GOP and joining the Libertarian Party.

  2. Mike O says:

    Might want to actually check his VOTING RECORD; 41.6% in fiscal responsibility. 65% in Eagle Forum, worse than one Democrat. 25% in Grassroots Texans Network. In terms of the GOP, he IS a liberal; sorry that the record proves it.

  3. Maxwell says:

    I agree with Mike. Bennett voted with many democrats including the HB5 Bill that hurts students. Also Bennett created a admendment that moved Matt Rinaldi out of the district. Read this Esef!!!!