Heeeere’s Obamacare!

heeres_johnnyWell, we’ve warned folks for 4 years and this monster is starting to arrive- like Godzilla stomping all over REAL healthcare.  So it’s time to set up a SEPARATE link list of all the implementation disasters.  The previous listing- over around 120 sourced links- is here for historical reference to demonstrate clearly:
It is truly sad to see so many so uninformed to be shocked by all of this; especially the younger people who will pay the highest penalty for this folly.

closed_by_obamacareLocal story (DFW area) on Obamacare: 192 people losing their jobs as 9 Carl, Jr. restaurants close SPECIFICALLY because of the new requirements. The franchise owner could not afford the increased costs for healthcare, nor the fines for not offering it. His part-time workers all said they could NOT afford the exchange healthcare even WITH the subsidies. The owner is a member of a local franchisee group and they’ve come to the conclusion that most franchisees with less than 20 fast food restaurants will have to follow his lead of closing up to half of their locations.

UPDATE: the sign made the Blaze, I can assure Blaze readers the story is as reported here

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