Does What We Do Work?

Empirical evidence suggests it does:
Interesting historical analysis of EmpowerTexans GREAT Fiscal Responsibility Index:
2007 average: GOP – 75% Collin County – 83%
2009 average: GOP – 81% Collin County – 84%
2011 average: GOP – 83% Collin County – 94% (Conversion of A-F grades)
2013 average: GOP – 64% Collin County – 98%
Overall: an 11% drop in GOP rating: in Collin County, a 15% INCREASE, all in the last two sessions
Being the North Texas Tea Party started working the primaries in 2010 (one of the few Tea Parties that did), hopefully part of that is due to our great team’s efforts.

One of the few  other Tea Parties that DID take a similar approach of direct involvement in the state-level races was the NE Tarrant County Tea Party, led by Julie White McCarty.  They show even BETTER results! (Of course, they had farther to go with their reps ) they went from 74.5% fiscally responsible to 98.3% !  There were other scattered successes as well.
The message seems clear: a Tea Party active in the election process itself works to end up with more conservative legislators.  Areas where there is no active Tea Party or the Tea Party sticks to just ‘education’, the results simply don’t seem to be there or are actually lose ground.  Probably most telling would be this pdf based on the Fiscal Responsibility Index with our reps highlighted.  When the ‘liberal’ in a given area is at 94% conservative, you pretty well know that things are locked up pretty tight.

And our work expands.  This year, we’ve massively grown the vetting committee for NTTP and will be vetting ALL statewide races.  We’re doing the researching into records, associations, money sources, etc. and have already sat down in small groups with several statewide candidates for 60-90 minute ‘grilling’ sessions, with many more to come.

Here’s hoping that other groups note these results and decide to enter the fray directly.  We would recommend that NE Tarrant Tea Party as the example for most to follow, as they are EXCELLENT as a ‘full-service’ Tea Party (where we are more specialized.)

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  1. John Duncan says:


    The success of NTTP’s approach needs to be circulated across Tea Party groups. The groups are so diverse and independent, I’m not sure how it can be accomplished. What is clear is that accountability needs to spread.