NTTP Expands Vetting Team

With all of the demand for vetting candidates for our ‘TeaApproved’ process, we have received, we are expanding our efforts and adding 20 more activists for the task.  Kudos to Cindy Hytin for organizing the first meeting/ The Collin County team will be expanded significantly.  Other teams have been created for our Denton and Dallas county members (We know the NE Tarrant Tea Party will continue to do an exceptional  job there).   Member of all will assist in statewide as well as races outside the 4 county region.  Specific research  and communications teams will be created and a secure online application created by the inestimable John Smith will serve as a tool to support this effort (John’s real job is to help secure billions in credit card transactions from continual hacker assault; so when we say secure, we MEAN secure.)

We take this effort VERY seriously and will do as much research and analysis as possible.  This will be an EXTREMELY busy primary season next year.  We WILL be ready and faux conservative RINOs and those not ready to hold strong principles will have reason to be concerned about their political futures.

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